Aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium windows and doors

Drutex aluminium windows and doors are mainly used in public buildings and private houses. They are based on the Aluprof systems, which provide a wide range of applications, starting with the so-called ”cold profile” used for dividing internal corridors, ”warm profiles” that have varied degree of thermal insulation, and facades.

Both the aluminium windows and doors from Drutex are more often used as an additional solution, for example in winter gardens or verandas.

The main advantages of aluminium windows and doors are:

  • high durability,
  • resistance to weather factors,
  • wear-resistant,
  • no maintenance is required.

High price can be considered as a disadvantage.

Drutex aluminium windows:

MB-45 – is characterized by modern aluminium system used in architectural elements indoors,

MB-70 – is an innovative warm aluminium system used in architectural elements outdoors,

MB-70HI – aluminium system for architectural elements outdoors that require thermal and acoustic insulation,

– MB-86SI – energy-efficient aluminium system with increased thermal insulation. Great for use in outdoor architectural elements.

Drutex aluminium doors:

MB-45 – doors with modern and slim design,

MB-70 – modern and durable doors with elegant design and high safety level,

MB-70HI – modern doors characterized by high durability and energy efficiency,

MB-78 EI – fire-proof doors with excellent fire and smoke barriers, with high safety level,

– MB-86SI – doors with increased thermal insulation.

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