PVC windows and doors

PVC windows and doors are a solution which is increasingly more often chosen for houses and apartments. Their popularity is mainly determined by the quality of materials, production and reasonable prices that can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

PVC windows and doors by Drutex mean verified brand, long-term tradition and guarantee of long-term using. According to our customers, PVC windows from Poland are considered as one of the best products in Poland and abroad. This also applies to Drutex PVC doors.

The advantages that determine the populartity of PVC windows and doors:

  • resistance to destructive atmospheric effects,
  • resistance to fungi and insects,
  • high durability,
  • no maintenance is recquired,
  • non-flammability,
  • relatively low price,
  • variety of colors – in the case of white Drutex PVC windows and doors, the customer has a guarantee of permanent whiteness for many years.

The disadvantage of the product is the heavy weight and sensitivity to the quality of the assembly. However, the problem can be eliminated by employing specialists who will do it professionally and accurately.

Drutex PVC windows:

IGLO LIGHT – windows with modern design which give a lot of light and have great parameters in terms of energy efficiency, watertightness, wind resistance and air permeability,

IGLO ENERGY -windows characterized by modern design and technology, as well as high energy efficiency which provides reduced heating bills,

IGLO ENERGY CLASSIC – modern design, advanced technology and high energy efficiency,

IGLO 5 – windows distinguished by good thermal insulation and attractive price,

IGLO 5 CLASSIC – here we can enjoy good thermal insulation properties which helps to reduce heat loss in the apartment.

Drutex PVC doors are:

IGLO 5 – modern look and rounded profile lines,

IGLO ENERGY – modern design and best thermal insulation properties.

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