Wooden windows and doors

Wooden windows and doors

Wooden windows and doors from Poland guarantee materials of the highest quality and long-lasting, trouble-free use. Drutex’s woodwork is based on Softline profile characterized by exceptional quality of raw materials and performance.

Drutex wooden windows are products made of selected three-layer glued wood in which the outer layers are solid.It has not only qualitative significance, but also aesthetical. The same applies to Drutex wooden doors.

Main advantages of wooden joinery:

  • Warmth and aesthetics of the material,
  • Low thermal expansion,
  • Good thermal insulation,
  • High durability,
  • Possibility to change color by painting it,
  • Possibility to repair already installed windows and doors.

Higher price than PVC windows and the need for maintenance can be considered as a disadvantage, although windows can be refreshed every few years, so it is not burdensome.

Drutex wooden windows

consist of SOFTLINE models, which are distinguished by the highest quality, classic elegance and ecological solutions.

Drutex wooden door

is SOFTLINE 68 – a perfect combination of high quality and natural beauty.

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