• openinginwards
  • equipped with ROTO fittings
  • equipped with a false handle location blockade
  • Hoppe Tokyo handle


Balcony door TILT&TURN may be opened and lifted. Opening operations are performed with handles. Turning a handle 90 degrees makes a door open, another 90 degrees turn enables us to lift a door. Doors are conventionally equipped with a false handle location blockade which blocks a handle and prevents a sash from slipping out of an upper hinge while a sash is opened.

Door can have a TILT FIRST function as a protection against undesired opening by children. In a first phase a door lifts and another turn of a handle lets us open it.

In doors and windows production, conventionally aluminium glazing beads painted in white are used for white doors and windows. For other doorsand windows colours, glazing beads are painted in RAL colours. Bottom glazing beads are conventionally natural aluminium, which can be painted in all kinds of RAL colours as per wish.

Doors are equipped with Hoppe Tokyo handle. To increase security you can use handle with a key or button or both side handle with a key.

The surface of doors is covered with high quality acrylic paint. All RAL and NCS colours are available as well as glazecolours with a visible wood structure.

Depending on a profile, doors can be equipped with a pane set from 24 or 48 mm with U-value 1,1 or 0,5 W/m2K. U – value for a whole door depending on a kind of profile as well as a size of a door varies from 1,3 up to 0,8 W/m2K.