What time is the office open?

The office is open Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.00. Apart from the weekends, the office is closed during Polish public holidays, in 2018 the dates being: 1st of January, 2nd of April, 1st of May, 3rd of May, 31st of May, 15th of August, 1st of November, 25th and 26th of December.

Where is the office located?

Venska office is located in Gdańsk, Poland at Al. Grunwaldzka 163 street.

Where is Drutex factory located? Is it possible to visit it?

Drutex factory is located in Bytów, Poland, approximately 100 km from Gdańsk. It is possible to visit the factory and see the process of window production (by appointment only). Every 2 years we organize a meeting with our Scandivavian partners where visitng factory is a regular part of the agenda.

How can I contact Venska?

There are several ways to do that:

  • you can fill in a contact form which you can find at the bottom of our website,
  • you can write or call a chosen contact person that speaks your language (contact information can be found under category CONTACT)
  • you can write an e-mail to
I live in Sweden and wish to buy windows for my house. Can I do it via VENSKA?

We are happy that you are interested in our offer! Write to us and we will help you choose the closest dealer in Scandinavia.

Who is our offer aimed to?

We are interested in long-term B2B relationships with companies located in Scandinavia. We do not sell windows or other products directly to private persons.

Do you share your program for calculations with your clients?

Yes, we do. We share a program for window calculations with our dealers, also in Swedish and Norwegian language versions. Our own new program is currently under developement, and it will make it possible to value all the products that we have in our offer, including garage doors, Scandinavian wooden windows, accessories such as window blinds, and even to estimate price of transport to Scandinavia. Coming soon!

How can I submit a complaint?

The product needs to be checked as soon as possible after delivery and before installation. In order to submit a complaint you must fill in a claim form provided to you by your contact person. It is necessary to attach a photo or a video which shows the defect in the product. In case of complaints about Drutex windows, we ask you to additionally send a photo of a sticker with number of your order and the window’s measurements (the sticker is placed on every window). If the complaint is considered positively, a new product or necessary parts will be added to your next transport.

Do you offer installation?

Yes, we do. We cooperate with teams of experienced installers who permanently live in Sweden and Norway. Ask your contact person about a free date and installation price.

Do you offer any building materials?

Yes, we do. There is a whole range of building materials, such as mineral wool, plasterboards, cellular concret, spackling compound. Please leave your enquiries at



Are Drutex products certified in Sweden and Norway?

Yes. Drutex windows are tested by the RISE Institute in Borås (formerly operating under the name SP) and have the Swedish P-mark quality certificate. RISE has examined our windows in terms of heat transfer coefficient Uw, windproofness, water permeability, resistance to wind load and temperature fluctuations. We also have the Norwegian NDVK certificate.

We are also a part of the P-mark expert group and we co-create the requirements of the RISE Institute regarding windows and doors


What acoustic insulation does Drutex windows provide?

Sound insulation of the window is determined by means of the Rw index. Its value is obtained on the basis of a laboratory test carried out on a reference window. Rw index depends on the glazing unit that is used. If very high acoustic insulationis required, we use a special Sound Reduction (SR) glass. Here are some examples of the results:

  • Iglo 5 Classic tilt&turn window with glazing TMP 4/12/float 4/12/TMP 4 – 36 dB
  • Iglo Energy Classic tilt&turn window with glazing TMP 4/float16/TMP 4 – 35 dB
  • Iglo 5 tilt&turn window with glazing SR 44 /20/TMP 8 – 44 dB
  • Iglo Energy Classic tilt&turn window with glazing TMP 44.4/10/float 6/14/SR 44.2 – 46 dB

Tests are carried out on a reference window with dimensions 1230x1480mm.

How do you install PVC windows?

PVC windows are mounted usings crews (dowels) or special anchors. We offer holes with a diameter of  6 or 10. In our offer we also have the possibility of making 14mm screw holes with a thread for the Scandinavian solution Adjufix.

What is a connector and how does it work?

The connector is an element mounted between window/door frames. There are different types of connectors. Those commonly used for PVC products are:

  • H connector – arecessed strip between the two frames which covers the place of their connection. The H connector has no static properties. It is mounted from the outside as well as the inside. It does not take any additional space.
  • static connector – strengthened with reinforcement, which has static properties. Recommended for connecting high elements (such as a tilt&slide door with fixed windows). It should be remembered that the static connector is 20mm wide.
  • expansion connector – allows mergingarow of windows with the expansion joints.
What is Uw?

Uw is the coefficient that determines the thermal transmittance of the window. It can be determined by calculation or research method. The coefficient gives the amount of energy in watts, permeating through a window of a given surface, with a temperature difference of 1 degree between the outer and the inner surface of the window. The smaller the value of the coefficient, the lower the energy losses. It is important to distinguish the U-factor of the entire window (Uw) and U-factor of the glass unit (Ug).

What is the result of the Uw coefficient obtained by Drutex windows in the research?

The reference window Iglo 5 in a reseach carried out by the RISE Institute in Borås (Sweden) received the following results:

Double-pane window with a warm Swisspacer frame: Uw=1,3 W/m2K *

Triple-pane window with warm Swisspacer frames: Uw=1,0 W/m2K *


At the Institute of SI (Czech Republic):

Double-pane window with a warm Swisspacer frame: Uw=1,2 W/m2K **

Triple-pane window with warm Swisspacer frames: Uw=0,95 W/m2K **


Iglo Energy reference window in research carried out by the RISE Institute in Borås (Sweden):

Triple-pane window with warm Swisspacer frames: Uw=0.85 W/m2K *

At the Institute of SI (Czech Republic):

Triple-pane window with warm Swisspacer frames:Uw=0.79 W/m2K *

*Research concerns a tilt&turn window with dimentions 1230x1480mm
**Research concerns a tilt&turn window with dimentions 1500x1500mm
Can Venska products be ordered with ASSA locks?

Yes, it is possible to use ASSA locks for the following products:

  • Scandinavian doors,
  • aluminum doors in MB-70 and MB-86 systems – weprepare doors for ASSA locks with a depth of 35mm,
  • side doors with garage panels,
  • warm composite entrance door with glass fiber reinforcement.
What is the difference between sliding doors in the HS system and Iglo 5?

Iglo HS is a system designed to create large-size sliding doors – up to 9m wide – allowing the use of large glazing. The depth of the HS system is 194mm. An additional advantage is the possibility of sinking the threshold in the floor. No tilt function.

Iglo 5 is commonly chosen among our PVC window systems. It allows, among other things, for the construction of tilt&slide doors with a maximal dimensions of 6m2 in one element. The depth of the system is 70mm. PVC threshold is covered with a special aluminum strip.

What are the standard accessories for balcony and entrance doors (on which side is the door handle and the lock)?

The Iglo 5 Classic balcony doors open inwards, have a tilt function and a window handle from the inside as standard.

The Iglo 5 entrance doors are equipped with a double-sided door handle and a double-sided lock.

Balcony doors “Intermediate Profile” have a double-sided handle, functioning like a window handle, and a double-sided lock.

Each type of door can be customized to suit your needs by selecting custom solutions.

Can PVC windows be produced in any RAL color?

PVC windows can be produced in colors according to the Renolit color palette. The Renolit colors do not have exact equivalents in the RAL palette.

What are the standard colors of PVC veneers?

The standard colors are: Walnut 2178007, Mahogany 2097013, Dark Oak 2052089, Macore 3162002, Winchester XA 49240-015, Anthracite 701605, Golden Oak 2178001, Chocolate Brown 887505, White FX 915205168, Gray 715505, Natural Brown F 456-3081

Do you offer fire resistant windows?

Yes, we offer fixed and opening windows as well as fire resistant doors made of aluminum in fire resistance classes: EI30, EI60 and EI120. Windows made in EI30 system stop the fire from spreading for 30 minutes, EI60 and EI120– respectively for 60 and 120 minutes.

What is a transport board?

The windows are protected from the bottom by a composite board (gray), which prevents the profile from damages during transportation. During installation the list should be removed.



What is the delivery time?

PVC windows in standard colors and shapes (95% of orders) are delivered in about 10-14 days from the day the order is made. Scandinavian wooden-aluminum windows, due to the production and the period of drying, are delivered in 7-12 weeks.

Aluminum windows are delivered in 6-10 weeks depending on the complexity of the order and color.

What is the delivery time of garage doors?

Garage doors with standard panel colors are delivered within 10-14 days from the day of the order. Garage doors whose panels are painted and garage doors with service doors – about 3 weeks.


Do you offer help in organizing transport?

Yes. We work with two of the largest carriers specializing in transport to Scandinavia. In total, they have over 700 trailers. Already at the time of ordering, the customer knows approximately when the products will be delivered. According to our contracts with carriers, our windows, doors, garage doors and accessories such as blinds are sent once a week to all of Scandinavia, even to Kiruna in Sweden or Lakselv in Norway. Our customers receive an approximate delivery time minimum one day before delivery.


How are windows, doors, gates and accessories transported?

All our products are transported on specially designed strong wooden pallets , thanks to which the products are not damaged and  unloading is very simple and fast with theuse of a forklift.

The pallets have the measurements of 1 EUR-pallet (0,8mx1,2m) and its multiples. For example, a standard order for one house, usually about 15 windows, can be placed on a palletof 1,2mx2,4m, an equivalent of three EUR-pallets.

Do you deliver your products (windows, doors, garage doors) directly door to door?

Normally, our products are transported with large trucks, which should be unloaded with forklifts, but there is also another delivery option –  a smaller car with an elevator can be sent to places where, for example, a large truck cannot enter.

Are the products insured during transport?

Yes, all our shipments are insured for the amount that covers the value of shipments. The products are completely safe.

Can you send products from different suppliers in one shipment?

Yes. We organize comprehensive deliveries of products from different suppliers to make transportation as cost-effective as possible.