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We are happy to announce that we have managed to get the Swedish P-mark certificate for windows IGLO Energy. A certificate from SP Research Institute of Sweden proves the high quality of Drutex windows.

There are also IGLO 5 and IGLO 5 Classic windows which have got P-mark certificate (2014). SP institute is a leading research institute in Sweden which conducts tests and measurements as well as certifies products. Granting of the certificate P-mark means that Drutex windows meets the stringent quality requirements and technical as well as legal norms in the field of window woodwork in Scandinavia. The windows were subject to tests for water resistance, air tightness and resistance to wind load. They were also exposed to extremely high and extremely low temperatures.

Drutex windows have also other certificates from the following research institutions: NDVK (Norway), IFT Rosenheim (Germany), CSI (Czech Republic), ITB (Poland). Aside from that, Drutex tests constantly its products in its own laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with the largest machine among European window producers KS Schulten.

Venska DrutexVenska Drutex