Solutions for the Scandinavian market

When cooperating with our Scandinavian partners, we take into account the uniqueness of northern markets. We try to adjust our offer to the needs of each of them. Here are some solutions available only in Venska.

NDVK and P-mark certificates. The high quality of Drutex products has been confirmed by Scandinavian research institutes.

Software Okna 2000. We provide our partners with a program for calculations in Norwegian or Swedish language version, so they can prepare offers by themselves.

Outward opening balcony door on the intermediate profile is now a standard on the Swedish market. We offer them equipped with a single or double-sided handle and a lock, optionally with a brake in handle.

An oak threshold is a perfect solution for the outward opening balcony door on the intermediate profile. A oak threshold has very good isolating properties and it is more comfortable in use than a pvc frame due to the fact that it is lower.

Furing lists and ingo groove have been introduced to our offer especially for the Norwegian market.

Square glazing beads* have a sharp, not rounded edge, which perfectly fits the Scandinavian stile.

A front groove for external windowsills allow an attachment of the windowsill directly to the window, the same way as in case of wooden windows. In addition the thermal bridge minimalizes.

Aluminum blinds with side control is another solution optimized for the Swedish market.

Hoppe Kisi handle provides an extra protection in a room where the children are present. The handle can be turned using both hands only and it requires some force.

Scandinavian design. PVC, aluminum and wooden windows, doors as well as diverse accessories are available in the colours which Scandinavians prefer. We offer pvc windows in a wide range of Renolit folils’ colours including different shades of anthracite and gray. You can choose between smooth and wood-like folils.

A special protection during transport. We transport all windows and doors on specially designed timber stands. Such timber stands are our own project. Using them reduces transport costs and provides maximum protection against all mechanical damage, compared with loose transportation of windows.

* only with 2-glass windows