Sun protection products


We offer a wide selection of awnings. Examples:


Malta is a lightweight, free-hanging awning. It is perfect for shading a smaller terrace or balcony.
The construction of the awning is powder lacquered in five standard colours.


Paladio is an elegant cassette awning, perfect for shading a terrace.
Its montage is simple. The construction of the awning is powder lacquered in white, graphite, silver with graphite finishing, beige, and brown.

Box Italia

Box Italia is a window and balcony awning for shading windows, shop windows, balconies, terraces and verandas.
Aluminum box protects the material. The awnings light construction contributes to simply montage.
It is available in white colour.

Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets are a perfect protection against insects. They let the sun and air inside a room.

Frame mosquito nets

Frame mosquito net consists of an aluminum frame over which the net is spread. The mosquito net is mounted on a window frame using mounting hooks.

The door mosquito net

The door wings of mosquito nets are constructed of a special aluminum profile with a stretched net. Additionally they are sealed from the bottom with a brush seal.

Rolled mosquito net Vertica

Rolled mosquito net Vertica can be installed in windows and doors. The cassette, guides and the bottom bars are equipped with brushes, which makes the protection against insects even more effective. We offer a vertical, horizontal and a vertical chain-operated Vertica mosquito nets. Every Vertica mosquito net is equipped with a spring mechanism.

Pleated blinds

The window can be covered from the top, bottom or according to the user’s will.

Pleated blinds are easy to clean. They can be applied on windows with untypical shapes, such as oval, trapeze formed and triangular.

We offer wide selection of colours.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds Day/Night:

  • Roller blinds Day/Night are made of the fabric with lightproof and transparent horizontal stripes, arranged alternately.
  • Alternate arrangement of stripes allows for the regulation of the amount of incoming light.
  • They are perfect for apartments and offices.
  • We offer wide selection of colours.
  • There are 2 types: in a cassette and free-hanging.
  • They assemble to a wall or to a window frame.

Suita System

  • The shades are mounted directly on a window frame – guides and cassete are glued to the window frame.
  • There are wide selection of colours to choose.
  • A self-braking mechanism makes it possible to stop the fabric in any position.
  • Suita system is available in the Day/Night version.


  • A roller blind in a cassette meant to be mounted on a window, glued to the glazing bead.
  • Recommended for pvc windows with a flat surface.
  • Passionata system is available in the Day/Night version.
  • A self-braking mechanism makes it possible to stop the fabric in any position.


PVC shutters

  • We offer PVC external roller shutters, a system which is integrated with the window.
  • They can be assembled during the building’s construction or windows’ replacement.
  • The client can choose between many colours of the shutter boxes, guides and armours as well as drives and safety devices of many kinds.
  • The mounting of an external roller shutter provides not only safety, but also better sound proofing and energy efficiency. The roller creates another sound barrier and reduces sound volume by up to several decibels. When the shutter is closed, the value of heat transfer coefficient reduces by up to 0,25 W/m2K.
  • PVC shutters are functional and can be opened and closed in several ways: manually with the special belt or crank handle or automatic with a remote control or a button.
  • The shutter can be assembled in such way that neither it or the guides are visible from the outside. It is even possible to build the internal part.

Aluminium shutters

  • The second type is an adaptive system of external shutters made of aluminium.
  • The shutter is rolled into the aluminum box placed on a wall or window frame.
  • We offer 3 types of boxes: SK 45 (shutter45 degrees), half-rounded SP (concealed shutter) and SKO round (oval type shutter).
  • The armour of the shutter built of aluminium profiles filled with the polyurethane guaranteed even better thermal insulation.

Aluminium shutter can be opened and closed in several ways: manually with the special belt or crank handle or automatic with pilot or buttons.

Aluminium blinds Isotra

Isotra are horizontal aluminum blinds with a chain as an operating mechanism.  It constitutes an integrated entirety with the window.

The assembly is possible in PVC windows and roof windows.

Isotra blinds’ features are simple assembly and disassembly, small sizes, high functionality.

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